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Custom Landmarks to Direct Business Your Way

Imagine that you own a small shop or restaurant. The services and products you offer are great, but word of mouth is not bringing in enough people. The simplest and most cost-effective way to advertise your business is by getting a sign that tells passerby's who you are and what you do.


Our Idaho-based store makes custom signs to highlight your locally owned company. From a large, professional marker for a dentist's office to a small, elegant one that hangs over the entryway of an assisted living facility, the sign makers at Cambridge Lumber can design and build emblems for any industry.

Different Materials for Different Looks

Display the right image to your customers with a new sign that of your own design. You choose the building materials and scheme that you want, and we do the rest. We make wooden, stand-alone indicators that are sure to get the attention from drivers on the roadways. We also use metal as the base for our designs for those who want a more weather resistant sign. For those of you who are looking for a durable material that is not as expensive, we use PVC material.

While each type of material creates a different look, the real differences come from the lettering that is on the sign. You can decide which font best suits the image of your business and if they are painted onto your placard or attached with vinyl that adheres to it. Vinyl offers our customers lettering with clean lines while using hand-painted calligraphy gives an artisanal feel to your hometown shop.