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Hardware for Every Part of Your Home

Imagine that your best friend just renovated their bathroom and wants to show it off. As you walk in, you notice the spotless new bathtub, the new shade of paint, and the texture of the tile. They did an amazing job, and the bathroom is stunning except for the old faucet that does not match the new look at all. While most people do not notice or compliment you on the small details around your home, the hardware that you choose to install can make your design. From functional to ornate, Idaho-based Cambridge Lumber has a plethora of different types and styles of home hardware.

Cabinet, Faucet, and Earmuffs

Other of Household Essentials

There are thousands of small items that every home needs, but few people think about. For example, we have dozens of ways to perfect the entryway to your home. There is a selection of doorknobs with different finishes to choose from, hinges for smoother movement, and door sweeps to create a weatherproof seal.

Hanging pictures on the walls is a great way to share your cherished memories and decorate your home at the same time. We have the decorative picture hangers to secure your favorite photographs.

Free-up some space by storing clothing and items that you don't use very often. For those customers who live in small houses or apartments, we have a ton of space-saving storage solutions.

For men and women who spend their days using power tools, we sell protective eyewear, earplugs, and earmuffs. When safety is an issue, we sell mechanic gloves and thick aprons to guard against chemical spills and other workplace safety hazards.