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The Tools to Beautify Your Yard

All the best things in summer happen outdoors, like splashing around in the pool, barbecuing delicious food, and watching the kids in your life run and play in the Idaho sunshine. There are so many different things you can do with your yard, and we can help you design a gorgeous open-air space to entertain guests or to spend an afternoon lounging. Cambridge Lumber has all the gardening supplies you need to make a beautiful lawn and garden that you and your family can enjoy.


Everything You Need for Landscaping

The smell of a fresh cut lawn will greet you as you trim your thick, green grass. We have hoses and sprinklers that will keep your yard hydrated as well as systemic insecticides that protect the entire plant, weed killers that do not harm grass, mulches, fertilizers, and many other chemicals that make lawn maintenance a breeze. We supply local businesses with different items to care for their lawns as well as all the tools they need.

Growing the Beauty Around You

Add a little color to your garden! When you want to turn your dull yard into a radiant garden, we have soil, seeds, and pots to fill your yard with as many different types of flower and plants as you want. When you're looking for more natural beauty than just flowers, we sell animal feed and bird seed that attract deer, cardinals, and other wildlife to your yard.