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Masonry Supplies for Strong Structures

Capture the one-of-a-kind beauty that can only be found with custom masonry. At Cambridge Lumber, we teach you the proper use of the masonry tools that you need to create the perfect look. When we do not have the blocks that you want, we can order the masonry supplies to make any structure. For features that last, bricks, stones, cinder blocks, and tiles are the best building materials anyone can use.

Mineral Based Building Materials

Ancient cavemen and modern architects alike know the durability of materials that have been formed in the earth over the course of centuries. When you are building a brick retention wall, we carry the mortar mix, lime, and stones that create a strong, stable structure that no other material can provide. We carry pumice blocks that are excellent insulators as well as being one of the lightest forms of concrete. There is also ready-mix concrete that is perfect for the foundation of a patio.

Renovating with the Beauty of Nature

Imagine spending a cold Cambridge, Idaho, night snuggled up by a crackling fire, admiring your new fireplace that is inlaid with large, irregular stones in every earth tone imaginable. By using masonry as part of your home decorating, you give your world a rustic, warm feel. We even carry stepping stones that transform a footpath in the woods to an enchanted trail.

Masonry Tools