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Plumbing and Electrical Repair

We have the modern luxuries of running water and electricity, so let's work together to keep your home's pipes and wiring functioning properly. Cambridge Lumber in Cambridge, Idaho, sells everything to keep your lights on and your water flowing. We want to make repairing problems in your home easier by providing the products and information that you need. Our employees can walk you through the repair process from beginning to end.

Wires, Cables, and Cement Glue

Fixing the Pipes

From classic to modern pipes, we have all the latest advances in plumbing technology. We sell all the basic plumbing supplies, including pipes, pipe fittings, bathroom fixtures and any other hardware you may need. We also carry a selection of pipes that are made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). This material creates pipes that are flexible, resistant to rust, resistant to puncture, and much easier to install than rigid pipes made of copper, iron, or PVC.

Switches and Wires

When there is a glitch in your switch, our helpful staff members show you the electrical supplies you need and the best method to correct whatever problem you are having. For extensive rewiring, we sell conduits and junction boxes, and for quick fixes, we have switches, outlets, and many different types of wires.